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On SunsetOman Tourism we offer all information on the tourism sector in Oman. Plan your vacation in advance and find the really interesting places in Oman and avoid the tourism traps. You also get an overview about the culture and what you should respect when you come to Oman!

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SunsetOman Travel is world wide the first online travel shop for the Sultante of Oman and was developed by us in order to offer customers a complete package of individual services. You can find various short trips in Oman, direct from the tour operator. Our service costs you nothing.

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SunsetOman Business offers you all information and advices for your business entry in Oman. Find out what is really important before you come to Oman, if your a private person who want to work in Oman or if you are a company who want to establish a subsidiary in Oman. Read more about business .....

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On SunsetOman.com you get a detailed overview of the Sultanate of Oman, so you can plan a wonderful and relaxing or stimulating and interesting holiday. Let us take you into the "magical Sultanate," the Orient. Explore the endless beaches and breathtaking landscapes and experience the remained and unchanged traditions for thousands of years and lifestyles of the locals.

“The Capital City of Muscat scored spectacular double recently when it was declared the Arab Tourism Capital for 2012 and the world’s second best tourism destination to visit in 2012, according to the travel guide published by Lonely Planet. For Muscat 2012 promises to be full of events because it takes on the mantle of the Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2012, celebration of which will kick off soon.
The year 2012 will also witness the launch of some significant tourism projects that will enhance the prominence of Muscat as Arab Tourism Capital. During the year, authorities will hold a series of events that will highlight the rich heritage, culture and tourism potential of Muscat.”
*Omanobserver Thu, 12 January 2012

Experience Oman and get to know the most beautiful sides whether the desert or beaches, Oman offers breathtaking possibilities than any other country.

Why Oman?

Natural diversity- lofty mountains, breath taking wadis and canyons, dreamlike beaches and the silence of the dessert - in Oman you will find the treasures of the past. One can explore many parts of the country as a living open air museum, without missing the advantages of our modern society.

Nature, lots of it and mostly unspoiled beaches, mountains and 3 different deserts coupled with a friendly population and - so far- a almost not existing crime rate. Oman's uniqueness lies in the friendliness of its cosmopolitan people in addition to culture, history and beautiful landscape.

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